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Taking the
First Step

Find Your
Way In Life

Work Hard
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Everyone Deserves Happiness

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Strength - Faith - Hope - Commitment - Believe In Yourself


                    Finding Courage Among Chaos


Joe Cody will share his story with you and he knows that his story can either help you or possibly someone close to you.


I am in the unique and exciting position to share my life of suffering through 31 years of alcoholism, emotional abuse, and turmoil. I can help you, your friends and family, and anyone who could benefit from hearing what itís like to be a neglected child, a teenager and young adult heading for the bottom of a liquor bottle, and an adult at rock bottom with no respect for my or anyone elseís life in the least. And then, seeing the light, if you will.


Now, in the present, I am a sober, happy, and loving father, brother and friend.


How? I began. I made a choice on September 14th 2009 to get sober, and I began to live. Itís that simple. 


Read on for a brief synopsis of what I can share.


I was raised in a family where alcoholism reigned, as my mother was a full-blown alcoholic. She never fostered an environment of love in our house, toward myself or my four siblings. As I got older, I turned to alcohol. It was my way to get away from the negativity and emptiness at home. I would suffer this life for many years. A life of loneliness and emptiness that I would wish upon no one.


Four DUIs. Dozens of arrests. Relationships ruined. An estranged daughter. Truly, I was lost at the bottom of a pit I had no idea how to escape. I considered the most important items in life booze, money and other material things.


On September 14th 2009 I decided to get sober, from the Elk Grove Correctional facility where I was serving time for my final DUI.


Now I live a life of sobriety, peace and happiness. Before I measured success with money, material goods and my blood alcohol content. Now, I measure success with the healthy relationships I have regained and by creating a loving environment for my daughter.


I hope to share my story, if only to help one person.




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Contact Joe to schedule him for a speaking engagement